SC-Master Phoenix V3 

SC-Master DRAGON the new active Mega All-in-One Programmer
SC-Master DRAGON is an active Smartcard-Programmer having 9 different modes. Control is taken by an ATMEL AVR processor and a reprogrammable XILINX CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device). With the help of a PC-software it is possible to change the modes automatically or manually by pressing the push-button.

SC-Master DRAGON features:
  • 9 different modes for nearly every kind of chipcard and card program and a new card copy mode for Atmel AT90S8515As cards (FUN 2 to FUN 4) (more modes are possible through firmware update).
  • Casing beautifully shaped with brief description of the elements.
  • Easy to handle via 'Up' and 'Down' push-bottoms.
  • PC-software control of the modes und additional features.
  • Indication of the adjusted mode and additional information via a background lighted 2x16 character LCD display.
  • Supply current and voltage of the Chipcard can be shown in the LCD display.
  • 2 LED's (light emitting diodes) for DATA (green) and RESET (red or orange).
  • Atmel ATmega8 processor (with 8 Kbyte Flash, 512 Byte eeprom, 1 Kbyte SRAM) Reprogrammable, updateable by a PC program via serial access port for future modes
  • 2 x 256Kbit eeprom Memory on board (for storing card data and eeprom loaders)
  • CLONE Mode. The DRAGON can copy (write) Chipcards (ATMEL (FUN) without connected PC!! (PIC (GW, Silver) processor cards will come soon)
  • Free programmable clock frequency of the Chipcard (within 80 KHz and 166 MHz)
  • Reprogrammable XILINX CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device), updateable via serial access port for future modes!
  • Optimal card protection. Signals will be activated with time deceleration, about 60 ms after the insert of the card and about 20 ms after the change of the modes, and if drawn out or changed, they will be deactivated immediately, respectively. Additional protective resistors are integrated in the signal data lines.
  • PS2 power connector optional to the external power supply.
  • Optional power by 9 Volt Battery (useful for Clone Mode)
  • PS2/RS232 special cable included in delivery (No extra RS232 cabel and external power supply are necessary. (see picture above)
  • GSM/SIM card adapter included in delivery.
  • Comfortable PC-program to read and write processor cards are free downloadable from the SC-Master homepage ( (for Windows9x/NT/2K/XP only).
  • Compatible to the new Titanium smartcard

Non-binding price recommendation: 79.00 Euro

Detail Product description in PDF format:
  German (SC-Master Dragon Anleitung)
  English (SC-Master Dragon Manual)
  French (Mode d’emploi SC-Master DRAGON)

Technical and optical changes can be changed at any time.

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